The internet

What the internet is made out of

Hello hooman.

Like hooman languages, machine languages are similar. A great example is the internet:

  • Nouns (HTML)
  • Verbs (Computer Languages Ex. Javascript)
  • Adjectives (CSS)


Remember that button we clicked before? Thats called HTML (Hyper-Text-Meta-Language meh).


There are around 100 HTML elements (we won't be covering them today) but it's important to know where you get your food from.


Remember that button was green? The CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) was the language used to color it. Go ahead and change the green to red below.

We also won't be spending much time today on CSS, but the next time you load a page and see red, you'll know why.


Now here comes the fun part. Javascript is the laguage used to make meaning out of the internet. Every time you click a button on a web page, send a message to a friend, or pretty much anything on the internet it's powered by javascript.

Remember the alert function, that was javascript:

alert("hello mulan");


Also we won't be covering a lot today, but javascript has a LOT of functions. Check them out one day. But for now let's have some fun.

To actually see the internet at work right click on your browser window and click "inspect" and take a look around.